Next Generation Social Network.

A new way of interacting on the internet has arrived. This social network is more sustainable, warmer and more real. For us, you are central and this is not the typical advertising slogan. Launchyoo has been developed with you in mind; it adapts to your tastes and puts your experience as a user first.

People are the future and to be able to grow they need to be truly connected.  This is why you must have an app that thinks of you as a human being. You’re not a number.

Launchyoo is an ETHICAL and SUSTAINABLE social network, which is based on our shared values. We don’t want to collect data and figures, we want real people.

Launchyoo is GENUINE. We won’t sell any of your personal information to third parties (as per agreement). You’ll feel respected and will enjoy a different and more relaxed user experience, more how you want it to be. 

When developing Launchyoo, we took three concepts as a basis:


what you like  


new things  


what you don’t like