We are the alternative to current social networks. Our goal is to create an ethical and sustainable social network that is primarily clear to the user, and gives you the feeling of security, starting with the fact that we won’t collect your personal data to sell to third parties.  

Have fun and interact: this is the way to get mutual benefits in the long run. For us, a successful social network is a sustainable social network, from all points of view and not just economic. 

So, what will Launchyoo offer you? Firstly, we don’t have bots or artificial intelligence. We believe that only you can know and decide what you like and what actually interests you.

This is why we’ve developed an innovative management of the feed, based on your needs. You can shape and personalize the app as you wish, at all levels. Launchyoo is a platform rich in new features; you have not seen anything like this until now.   

The SERENITY of joining a social network that has no interest (and never will) in collecting personal data to sell to third parties (as stated in our contract with the user). How can we make a profit then? Advertising programmes (few, dispensable) and Freemium (optional). We’ll provide more details later. 

There’s more: SUSTAINABILITY. We’ve already mentioned this but it’s important to repeat it. You’re at the centre of this entire project, we’re seeking your satisfaction. That is how we believe we can achieve a future by your side. 

We imagine you would like to know more, more specific things. How does Launchyoo manage what posts are shown if there are no bots? What can be done about my contacts? How do we handle unsuitable content or fake news? Is there some kind of censorship? You’ll have to be patient. In the meantime, if you want, you can subscribe to our Newsletter and we’ll send you the latest information.